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Bethany’s 3 Days to a Raise Is Changing Lives

With hundreds of followers , Bethany’s seminar is growing to be the most trusted RAISE product on the market.

What is the 3 Days to A RAISE Seminar?

3 Days to A RAISE is a success training seminar, distributed in 3 parts, or 3 days, as we like to say. It is a virtual seminar, allowing you complete flexibility.

  •   Completely Online. View your classes from you phone.
  •   Stop and start classes at your convenience.
  •   Private member login with your private resources.
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What Others Are Saying

This is one of the most effective products for workplace development that I’ve come across. Bethany‘s product helped me to create an action plan, and her coaching gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. I now am changing careers with much greater pay, working in a job I enjoy and have more time to serve in the community.
Vincent Nelson
My best advice is to listen to what Bethany says. She has some ideas that will work for you. Her advice has definitely worked for me.
Debbie F.
Bethany is inspiring, positive. And a fantastic coach! She gets you to think on everything good in your life, and build on those thoughts to dream and plan a successful life. She is a breath of fresh air.
Suzanne S.

Seminar 1 – Day 1

The title of this seminar is, “What you don’t know is hurting you.” This section looks at the numbers and reviews what you should be making and how to find the information

It reviews commonly held faulty belief systems that you are holding onto that is keeping you from making the pay that you deserve.

It prepares you for a new perspective and readies you for day 2



Seminar 2 – Day 2

This is titled, “The 11 New Rules for Getting Paid.” There are new rules for getting paid. In order to make money in this new economy, you must understand the 11 new rules for getting paid.

Review stock options and stock grants, find out common compensation practices and learn the secrets to compensation.

Seminar 3 – Day 3

This seminar is titled, “Preparing your exit plan, and THE ASK.” This section drills down into the details of the exit plan and how to add leverage to your situation.

We will model the ‘ASK’ and walk you through the words to use and techniques based on your boss’s personality.

We will tell you exactly what to say, and how to go get that raise, taking away your fears and enabling you to feel ready and able to achieve your objective.


It’s time to invest in yourself.

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How Much Is This Amazing Seminar?

The 3 Days to A RAISE Seminar is $199

NOW $29

You will make that money back in the first paycheck after you receive your pay raise.

This investment will pay off handsomely over the next few years.


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