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Bethany’s Life

Powerhouse Speaker.
Author of Six best-selling books.
Lifestyle Blogger.
Healthcare Executive.

Bethany Williams is a results-oriented executive with 25 years experience driving complex initiatives in the business world. She currently works as the Senior Vice President for an innovative technology company.

She dedicates her work and efforts to hardworking executives everywhere that are yearning for answers and a better way of approaching the success that they desire. She hopes to instill confidence and a call to action in women executives. Her message is clear: we control our destinies as well as our earnings.

In her first book, Winning Strategies for Women, she provides practical, step-by-step advice for excelling in business, including strategies for keeping your job, keys to becoming a top performer, tips on how to get those wanted promotions and additional pay, and receiving more recognition in the process.

Williams learned the art of business survival as a single working mother. Widowed at a young age, she struggled to advance in male-dominated companies in an effort to provide for her children. She put herself through college and secured top level positions in some of the nation’s leading organizations (GE, IDX, Perot Systems Corporation, and PWC).

Bethany graduated from National University in San Diego, California, with a BBA degree in Health Care Administration. Her fourth book, Live Your Dreams, inspires readers to get out of the couches of their lives and go live the lives that they were born to live. She just completed book six on women and pay and has a new weekly talk show on Grant Cardone’s Whatever It Takes Network. She continues to ‘give back’ to executives everywhere in an attempt to balance the scales, regularly speaking on breaking the glass ceiling, personal branding, social networking, career success, and work/life balance.

Williams received one of the “Top 25 Women to Watch” Award in business from the Dallas Business Journal in 2010.