Bethany & Vince’s Crazy Himalayan Trekking Adventure – Day 3 on the Journey

Bethany and Vince’s Crazy Himalayan Trekking Adventure Notes Day 3: the Real Work BEGINS- a Trekking we will go! Jagat to Dharapani Elevation :from 5,029 to 6,102 Elevation gain: 1,063 feet Miles trekked: 13 per our GPS watches It’s our first hiking day, and we are up early for breakfast and excited to start the [...]

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10 Great Date Escape IDEAS in DFW

ReUnion Tower-  High atop Dallas is a view that definitely is an escape from the mundane.  This 360 degree view of Dallas allows a magnificent view of the city.  Every hour, the globe rotates 360 degrees, allowing for an ever changing view of the beautiful city.  My favorite time of night is to go [...]

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It’s Time To Climb The Mountains In Your Life!

I recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. It was about pushing past barriers. It was about doing what you feel is the impossible. It was about never giving up. The producer, Vince Nelson, did an incredible job of capturing photos and video of this amazing climb. […]

Hiking Kilimanjaro: Day 7

I wake up excited. Today I will hike out and a hot shower, food, and a real toilette is in my future. I'm reflecting, I just did the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Every muscle in my body aches. The physical exhaustion is intense. I still have seven hours of hiking [...]

Hiking Kilimanjaro Summit: Day 6

It's summit day. They wake us up at 11 PM and we depart at midnight. We will try to arrive at the top of the mountain by sunrise. We are all wearing headlamps and dressed in numerous layers. I'm wearing at least four layers on top and four layers on the bottom. We will touch [...]

Hiking the Kilimanjaro Summit: Day 5

OK, it's really getting cold outside. I'm glad I have an arctic rated sleeping bag and an Arctic tent but I'm still sleeping in multiple clothing layers and still cold. Ron and Kandy are suffering from high altitude sickness and Jocelyn arrives at breakfast looking like she has a hangover. She says she feels terrible. [...]

Hiking the Kilimanjaro Summit: Day 4

Today we are supposed to climb a small mountain to acclimatize to the higher altitude. It is steep steep steep. I'm excited for two reasons; one – we get to camp at the same locale tonight and two – tomorrow we hike to base camp from where we will attempt to summit this amazingly tall [...]