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Brand YOU


Discover the first steps toward achieving career success and a fatter pay-check! This book provides practical, step-by-step advice for excelling in business, including strategies for keeping your job, getting promotions and additional pay, and receiving more recognition in the process.

It will guide you to the life that you yearn for, and to help you to set the action steps necessary to start you on your journey. Written with heart, it is intended to motivate you into a new day and a new life , catapulting you into living the life that you are dreaming of.

Bethany Williams has been coaching and mentoring others to live the life that they were born to live for many years. Born in Flint, Michigan, and struggling through numerous life challenges, she dreams of motivating YOU to success in all areas of your life.

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Praise for “Brand YOU”

“I loved the tactical step-by-step outline that guided me along the process. It was also good for me to slow down enough to do the assignments such as documenting my strengths and accomplishments; which was extremely validating since I usually only write down my ever-evolving to-do list! I’m looking forward to her next book.”

Raylene Browne, Director, Business Development, Norton Healthcare, Louisville, Kentucky

“Genuinely Awesome! Simple. Accurate. Motivating. And most importantly, actionable. A must read! As a reader with a strong appreciation for Moore’s law, you have to be ever-changing to keep up with technology and trends. Branding yourself has never been more important to rise above the noise!”

Chris C

“Good info for professionals looking to ‘define’ themselves. As with all of Bethany’s books, Brand YOU offers practical, step by step advice. Her latest book is written for professionals looking to enhance (and even protect) their careers by showing them how to define their uniqueness in a very tough economic climate. The author has implemented these steps herself and writes from the perspective of achieving success in climbing the corporate ladder. Her tips are simple and timely and easily implemented on a lunch break.”

Amy Van Vleck, Mother of three & Professional Editor