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It is time to take your career and earnings to the next level. Read and implement ideas to catapult your career from a senior executive that knows the ins and outs of career management.

Build a personal board of directors for you
Market yourself in a new way
Learn and incorporate necessary skills that you will need for the next 10 years.

This is do-it-yourself career management at its best. You are CEO of your career and your destiny. Your future awaits. The plan is in your hands.

You are responsible to manage your career and maximize your earnings. You are the CEO of YOU. How will you ensure that your maximum earnings are attained? What steps and plans will you put in place to catapult your capabilities, skillsets, and brand to the top of a very competitive global pile?

Described within the pages of CEO of YOU are the action steps proven to create demand and profits for you. You are hiding away at work, invisible. The pages of this book will help you create job security and success at work.

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