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Live Your Dreams

Bethany’s newest book, Live Your Dreams, is now available. It was written to empower you to live the life you’re dreaming of.

The content of this book will give you a boost at creating your own personal brand. It will help you put on the thinking cap of an owner, CEO, or hiring manager. It will inspire and motivate you with suggestions and ideas that will move you in a positive forward motion, giving you what you need to create a ‘To Do’ list that, when done in easy steps, walks you toward increased profitability and success.

This is a new economy. Critical thinking is necessary. Ask yourself: “What would motivate them to hire me as opposed to someone else?” Critical personal brand development is a requirement. You will not be able to continue to grow and thrive unless you retool and rethink. It is time to get cracking. Brand development is a necessity of the new economy and a well-developed brand can and will pay off handsomely.

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Praise for “Live Your Dreams”

“I measure how “good” a business or personal self-improvement book is by how many ideas it triggers and how many notes I make in the margins. When I was done with “Live Your Dreams” my book margins were filled with ideas, insights, memories and action steps. I’m grateful to Bethany Williams for laying out her vision for living an intentional life in an easy to read personal handbook that I’ll use for years to come.”

Deborah Lelinski, Healthcare IT Executive

“Helped me realize my dreams again! Thanks for another great book Bethany! I liked how the chapters were simple and to the point. Each chapter made me either take action, beginning by starting a dream journal and/or rethink how I’ve managed my life so far. I’ve evaluated my life all over again and prioritized what’s important to me and this time I included my passions and dreams. This is a book that I’ll keep close by to remind me to dream and plan for my future. ”

Melisa GC

“Amazing and Encouraging. What an amazing book! I can’t really express how “real” and motivating Bethany’s words are to me. She puts her advice into actionable steps you can take that day. Her writing conveys a humble, confident wisdom that I can only hope to have one day. Thank you so much for writing this!”

D. Fair