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Mother to Mentor


Discover the first steps toward achieving career success and a fatter pay-check! This book provides practical, step-by-step advice for excelling in business, including strategies for keeping your job, getting promotions and additional pay, and receiving more recognition in the process.
Discover the keys to a successful career journey – start today! Based on 25 years of experience in the corporate world Bethany Williams shares the keys to success. Learn how to create a situation where YOU become the employee with the best assignments and highest pay!

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Praise for “From Mother to Mentor”

“This book is a valuable and practical guide with unique insights that will help parents to make the right choices.”

Dr. Harry Greenspun, Father of three & Chief Medical Officer at Dell Health Services, Named one of the Top 10 Healthcare IT Game Changers to Watch by<

“This is worth reading over and over again. It is an amazing guidebook to help you guide your children to independence and responsibility.”

Theresa Mathew, Mother of four & VP of Sales for Xtend Healthcare

“Passionate about mentoring, Bethany provides practical tools that anyone can apply to parenting. We all desire to raise independent, responsible adults, and this book makes the process easier by providing humor and useful tips.”

Amy Van Vleck, Mother of three & Professional Editor