The Pressure to Be Thin

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The Pressure to Be Thin

Mirror We have created an undue burden on our daughters and ourselves. Through our advertisements and television shows, we have promulgated an image of ‘beauty’ that is pure thin, creating pressure on our girls to be that thin. It is disheartening and heart wrenching to watch them struggle to achieve that goal.How can we teach them that the value of their hearts and ‘who they are’ as a person is worth FAR MORE than their external image? We have left them believing that the external image is more important than what’s inside.

I am saddened to watch our young ones struggle with their identities and an inability to both comprehend and fully accept the true meaning of beauty. Think of some of the ‘beautiful’ people that have changed the world; Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer, and my mother Elois Eastman, just to name a few. Let’s help our daughters choose role models that are beautiful on the inside! Let’s teach them what’s really important! (And it has little to nothing to do with their waistline)

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