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Winning Strategies


Discover the first steps toward achieving career success and a fatter pay-check! This book provides practical, step-by-step advice for excelling in business, including strategies for keeping your job, getting promotions and additional pay, and receiving more recognition in the process.
Discover the keys to a successful career journey – start today! Based on 25 years of experience in the corporate world Bethany Williams shares the keys to success. Learn how to create a situation where YOU become the employee with the best assignments and highest pay!

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Praise for “Winning Strategies”

“This book is superb. The strategies have been exceptionally inspiring for me at work. I use the CEO Checklist every time I have a meeting with the CEO. It has enabled me to raise my visibility, keep my job amidst changes, and improve my standing at the office.”

Deborah Lelinski, Manager,Product Strategy,GE Healthcare, WA

“I loved the book. Although I had a ton of things to do, I couldn’t break myself away from it once I began reading it. I will benefit from many of the tips and advice in this book.”

Cassandra Farr,Senior Strategic Acct Manager,GE, East Coast

“I have been inspired by Bethany’s writing. I visit her blog regularly and read chapters out of the book at night. As someone in her mid-twenties and just figuring out my place in the world, I really appreciate the insight and tips.”

Trina Wellendorf, Dell Perot Systems